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Congratulations: Kingjoy have won the reputation of China P&E 鈥淗ualong Award"
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Congratulations: Kingjoy have won the reputation of China P&E 鈥淗ualong Award鈥(the most highest award of Photographic equipment in China) for 4 years consecutively!

On May 12th, 2023, The 24th China International Photographic machinery Imaging Equipment and Technology Expo was held in Beijing, at the same time the 14th Hualong award ceremony was held in exhibition center to award the outstanding enterprise that won this honor.

Kingjoy Technology has been deeply engage in the photographic equipment for 19 years, and with its core technology and the brand precipitation for many years, it has continuity got the Hualong award which is the most highest reputation 鈥淗ualong award鈥.

The chairman of the Kingjoy Technology Co .,Ltd, Mr.Zhang Hong Bing went to award ceremony to receive the award and professor Sha, a senior expert in Photography industry,Awarded the certificate of honor to Kingjoy Technology.

Kingjoy have sent a set of professional Carbon fiber tripod(C83S+B30) to attend Hualong Award,
This year's Hualong Award, Kingjoy entered the product model for Kingjoy, the sea of joy series C83S+B30 professional carbon fiber tripod set.

Kingjoy C83S+B30 Panyu set adhering to the road to simple design concept, is by Guangdong Kingjoy Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Mr. Zhang Hongbin led the team invented the split sphere component patent, its practical and simple and beautiful design style, deserved to won the Hualong Award.

Guangdong KINGJOY Technology Co., LTD. (Abbreviated as Kingjoy Technology), as a leading enterprise in  the photographic equipment industry, the company's core intellectual property rights have reached more than 200 since its inception.

Kingjoy always adhere to the development concept of technological innovation, adhering to the "Kingjoy intelligent manufacturing, create a hundred years" business philosophy, with sincere service, high-quality products, capture the market, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world deeply loved by users.

Winning awards is the driving force for Kingjoy鈥檚 employee to make continuous success and break through themselves. Kingjoy will continue to strive for excellence, innovate and develop more excellent products to meet the needs of users and the market requirements.
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