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After-sale Service
KINGJOY provides 7 * 24 all-round sales and after-sales service to provide customers around the world with a reassuring + comfortable service experience.

KINGJOY’s always adheres to Integrity, meticulous, professional, efficient team spirit, committed to "create value for customers." KINGJOY pays close attention to every customer’s needs to provide a full range of support services.

【Product After Sales Service】
(1) Product category warranty:
According to the type of products, KINGJOY divides all products into entry-level products, digital products and professional products;
From the date of product sales, KINGJOY will provide warranty service within the warranty period for customers due to product quality problems ( non-human damage)

(2) Warranty service:
During the warranty period, KINGJOY will provide free warranty service for users for non-human damage products and accessories;

【Professional products】 the warranty period is 6 years, such as professional A series tripod, K series tripod, VT series professional tripod, professional slide rail, Jib cranes and etc;

【Digital products】 one year warranty;products with digital electronic functions, such as digital stabilizer, electric panorma head, electric dolly, Led light and etc.

【Entry level products】 the warranty period is 1 year; for example, VT series light weight video tripod,desktop tripod,s series travel tripods, and various mobile phone accessories and etc.

【Maintenance Paid Service】
In case of human damage or exceeding the warranty period, KINGJOY can provide paid maintenance service or charged necessary accessories.

(3) Software download and firmware upgrade:
For digital products, KINGJOY will provide free software download and firmware upgrade services. Except for customized products.

(4) Equipment network remote technical training service:
KINGJOY can provide free network technical training, technical guidance, daily maintenance training and network video guidance of application training services for the operators of customers, until the operators can work independently.

For the products returned to the factory for warranty, the freight shall be paid by the client.

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